We're not just dolls ... we're a caring, sharing community

Summer 2015 ...

Our RAK program is going full steam ahead --- and our 6 RAK members for the year have theirs and NEW - several additional RAK boxes have been shipped to members that have been hit with the economic crisis.

If you are new and in need of assistance to becoming a RAK, there are only a few simple rules to be considered ....

1. You must be a contributing member (posting/volunteering etc) for 6 months
2. You must have a legitimate physical, location or financial need
3. The staff and I will send out boxes paid for by the treasury (or with donated items from our stash). We will send out 3-4 boxes (for the year) one at a time - then continue when you show us finished samples of your work.

This program has been in existance for ovet 10years .... and because of our caring/sharing members, we can continue to provide a way for everyone to create ... regardless of location, financial situation or beginner status.


WANT to contribute to our STASH?