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MDL Archive Tips

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Tips, Tricks and Info

Doll Creating Info:
-Personal Solutions for creating (pets, hands and more) - thanks to HELLIE for compiling.
Gluing Solutions for making your doll
-Painting your doll - Acrylic - China - Genisis - Other
-Assembling your doll ( from our fantastic FRILLS & FANCY EZINE online)
-Tips on using a doll stand THANK YOU Barb D for compiling info from our members postings!!
-Taking photos of your finished doll (coming soon)
-Auction hints and tips - Page 1, Page 2 - thank you to Linda And Cindy K. for compiling notes.
-MOA Auction Hints/tips/Directions
-More Sculpting tips
-Tip Trade

-Trailor Park TIPS