Lady Elaine's Armoire

Nov/Dec (2021) MDL Project & Contest


written by Jennifer S

What is this?
A wardrobe, dresser, clothes press…Lady Elaine called it an ‘armoire’.

What’s in it?
Your inheritance he replied mysteriously, surrendering a tiny key.

She stared at it - bright and shiny despite its age - in her trembling palm.  The ‘armoire’ looked regular enough and she could see the ornate lockplate in which the key fit.   Dare she open it? What treasures were waiting inside? ....What secrets? ........Who was Lady Elaine, really?

Come - turn the key and join us - in discovering the fascinating world of Lady Elaine!


Similar to creating Characters in past MDList projects like Rose Creek and Camelot Court, Lady Elaine’s Armoire gives you the opportunity to create a Doll(s) or a Scene/Roombox with a Story to tell.   

#1 IDEA ...The Armoire can be thought of as a magical portal into other lands and times, or simply a place to keep your most treasured memories.

#2 IDEA ... For those that are historically minded ... here is the chance to shine with accure accessories.

#3 IDEA ... for those that purchased LADY ELAINE (Dana's doll kit), you can either make (the kit) Lady Elaine, or one of Lady Elaine's nieces that inherited her Aunts estate (which means you can have decades of dresses and accessories included in the armoire). Shown above is the pressed posse from a long ago lover (in scrapbook).

CONTEST Categories

You may enter doll twice (two different photographs).
ONE in (1-3)
ONE in (A-C).

Send an email, with photo and category entered in subject line.

#1 - Beginner/Interm
#2 - Lady Elaine kit
#3 - Open doll

A) Historically accurate Armoire and/or scene (state approx year)
B) Best Multi-generational accessories/scene
C) Best Armoire (by itself) with accessories inside

DEADLINE for Contest

All photos due to on February 21st, 2022


lst place ribbons for all Categories. RANDOM DRAWING prizes (taken from all that entered)