Doll by Wanna Newman
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Anachronon the Alchemist is a man ahead of his time, and that is his fascination - Time, or how to get back and forth.   His favorite expression is Seize the Present, but somehow he doesn't always do that in the way he intends.  Anachronon's spells are always a risky business.

He has an unfortunate tendency to make errors when he does certain experiments and his coat of arms reflects both his fascination with Time Travel and his unfortunate tendency to mess up.   That's how we became acquainted - he wound up by accident at an El Paso Downtown Street Festival.  Fortunately, he landed among a group of  Medieval Reenactors and fit right in. That's where he got the idea to sell his wares from a cart at Scarborough Fair.

Right now, he is working to figure out his orrery. 

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