Society for the Prevention of
Dragon Abuse

by Suzi M

Hi, my name is Mistress Rosemary. I was born and raised at Dragon’s Keep. As long as I can remember, I have been able to understand and speak to dragons. I am owned by a large purple and gold dragon named Territh. 

Hearing the dragon’s stories of cruelty and abuse motivated me to start the Society for the Prevention of Dragon Abuse. For the last several months, the society has been building a space for dragons. With the plague in the country, it has been difficult to get good workers and supplies. 

Today is the Grand Opening of the new building of the Society for the Prevention of Dragon Abuse. Young Lord Rubycloak has brought his sister, Lady Tassie, and his sweetheart, Lady Sanza. They are interested in becoming patrons of the SPDA. Lady Sanza is playing music for the dragons to enjoy on the mandolin. Lady Tassie is making friends with a little purple dragon. Lord Rubycloak attracted a little blue dragon. 

Mistress Rosemary of Dragon’s Keep is excited that a little dragonet has started hatching on this important day. And the maid, Alice, is busy feeding the dragons and cooking a meal for the new dragonet 

Here at the SPDA, we take in any dragon that is hurt, lost or hungry. We also take in any found dragon eggs and educate all.

We have a variety of classes for everyone to learn more about dragons. 
Classes coming soon:
 > Dragon Care 101: Basic dragon care, how and what to feed dragons, bathing, skin care,    exercise , etc.
> Dragon Myths Debunked: For example, Fact: dragons do not eat people. Myth: Fire breathing dragons like to catch houses on fire. 
> How to Establish a Lasting Relationship with a Dragon: Qualities to look for in a dragon, how to teach your dragon, how to ask if they want to be friends with you
> Activities for Dragons: #1 how to find out if your dragon is agreeable to activities, delivering messages or packages, finding lost objects, people and animals, and depending on size, fly you to other cities or towns. 

We look forward to seeing you here at the Society for the Prevention of Dragon Abuse.