Melisendra and Aelizia



Wherest do I begin! Our parents were shapeshifters in their own rights descending from a union of sorceress and dragon for which they were exiled by their families to lands unknown before settling in Tringagle and laying their eggs from which we were born. 

For all I say am the eldest we are only minutes apart but my sister is bigger than I. Melisendra is a beautiful dark blue dragon and just as beautiful in her human form. I am a plain green dragon and consider me not as pretty as her. 

Two years ago The Baron Von Court decided that he wanted to betroth my sister, but her heart is with another and refuses his many offers. So much so in his quest to control all the lands south of Camelot for which we are part he has brought his armies upon us. Fortunately a hawk was sent to me in time for me to help my sister Melisendra, shapeshift into her dragon. I sent her away forthwith with the hope that she will arrive in Camelot safely and find sanctuary there until I could join her. The only thing I asked her to do was not to set fire to anything.


Wow! Managed to escape my captors by sneaking up the tower steps when the guards of Baron Von Court weren’t looking and shape shifting to my green dragon form (recognise the dragon Jill )and flying away. Fortunately I missed meeting anyone when I had to land at night for a quick sleep, before taking off again to Camelot.

Finally I’ve made it to Camelot, and been allowed to take up residence in the derelict folly. (Photo 1). Contacted Lady Rosemary at the dragon society as she has so kindly been looking after my sister Melisendra ,for her to show the way to the folly for her to meet me. I should be able to change the shape of her as I was the one to change her. Having been so long since I saw her no doubt her beauty will have changed. (Photo 2&3 )

I feel so much at home here and when I have my audience with King Arthur I can tell him our tale. The villagers are so friendly and helpful it seems but I will not frighten them in my dragon form.