Ilythyria Merlara

by Jane Layden

My name is ILythyria Merlara, I am an Elfin Maiden.  I was born in the era of Camelot.  My childhood was that of a good Elfin Family heritage.  I grew up in the forest and learned very quickly my duties in the family.  I was taught from an early age how to use a bow with expert precision.  All Elves know how to wield a bow quite well.  We pride ourselves as Masters of the Bow. 
When it was time for me to find my way in life, I chose to seek out the most challenging job.  Yup, you guessed it, a Bow woman for the Camelot Court.  There were many challenges when the other Bowman found out about me, but that did not stop me from the challenge.  Believe me, they did challenge me.  They soon found out that I did rise to the challenge and soon I was accepted as one of them. 

I was so proud when I was brought before the King and Queen and was assigned the care taking of the Queen. I have one of the best jobs in the Kingdom, well at least I think so.  The Queen is so special, it is a joy to watch over her when she goes out for a stroll. 

Included is my Coat of Arms,  it is special for me.  It symbolizes, Truth, Hunter, Elfin Heritage, and Bowwoman, with the crossed arrows that mean readiness and protection.

So I am known as ILythyria Merlara, Elfin Madian, Bowwoman  for the Queen of Camelot.