Agnetta by Connie W

Agnetta is not a bad witch but she has a problem. All around in Camelot and other areas she has a bad habit - she steals things and hides them away for safe keeping. Things in Camelot often come up missing but no one knows what happens to these things. They know there is a witch but they cannot find her. She is very well hidden her secret room built into the berm of the forest and covered with moss as is in the surrounding forest - totally hidden. Knights have searched the countrysides high and low - she must live somewhere else the Camelot people think.

Why - Agnetta has even stolen Hogworts sorting hat from long ago and the fairies potions! She has plenty of room to steal more things to stuff in here. Now she wants to steal the sword of Camelot! So if it comes up missing and if you cannot find Agnetta's hidden secret room then the sword be lost forever.

See the things she has stolen - priceless books, art and scrolls to name a few.
She eats and sleeps (hidden) inside of her secret room and she can tell if anyone is nearby her before she flies out. In fact she can also hear them for miles around.

Agnetta -
A truith beith heareth sett: Camelot's witch Agnetta. Ne'er seen. Ye flyeth in d ski on d broome. A laugh beith herd to those byeth in d forests and d meadows.