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Greetings everyone!
And welcome to our FALL MDL project - Elyse's Trunk!

Make the doll, fill the trunk, tell the stories of accessories on your OWN webpage - similar to the ROSE CREEK project.

Lets begin ...


IF you wish to enter your doll in the contest (held in January 2020), simply pick one of the (3) categories. (Prizes!!)

A) Elyse Kit customers

B) Best storyline/Accessories
(use any doll/materials/pattern you wish)

C) Best doll
(use any doll/materials/pattern you wish)

#2 - WEB Page

Everyone that sends me a photo, and story will have their VERY OWN webpage on my website (similar to the Rose Creek entries).

(NOTE ... I had planned on making a hard cover book - but after the voting/poll - the majority of you wanted a webpage of your work instead).

#3 - Kits/Tutorials

-Kits are sold out

-Elyse Doll Dressing Tutorial/pattern. FREE for all - no purchase required. As soon as the tutorial pattern is finished - I will upload the link below (when the link is active).



-Rug tutorial

-Trunk Accessory tutorials
(many different accessories and a GREAT how to guide on using all kinds of string as accessories and decoration). Cost is $15 and is a downloadable pdf file. Paypal - with Trunk Acc in notes.

#4 - Information

DEADLINE to enter (send me photos/story)
is January 20th, 2020

Elyse kits ship starting this week for the next 3 weeks.

Mail for questions:

Website Gallery for your doll enteries ...

Tutorials (when finished) can be found on the link above.