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Dear Min-doll lovers,   

The end of the Dior Project is Friday, February 8, 2019.  There are some clarifications below to the contest entries based on questions I have received.   

You now have until Sunday the 10th to email me,  Kathi Mendenhall.  (SEWMINIPATTERS  AT ATT DOT NET)  Or hit the PRIVATE button.  I will sort them into the categories.  You can tell me which you think you belong, but I will upload and if I have a different opinion, I will send you an email to let you know why.  PS, I will be changing the name of the pictures to something like Cat1A, Cat2A, etc.  Just be aware. 


The polls will be created on the 10TH.

You have until Thursday, February 14TH to vote on the entries. 

The polls will be closed on Friday, February 15th, prizes will be awarded Friday or Saturday.  (That is the 16th or 17th)

Debbie will announce winners in Category 1-3.  I’ll announce Judges Choice , Category 4. 

All of the people who didn’t win will be popped into the hat for a pull for the “consolation prize.” 


The prizes will be mailed the following week.  We’ll leave the photos up for a couple of weeks and then we will pull them down.  So if you love an idea or something save it as soon as you can. 

This is separate from any photos for Dana for the April Candy how-to article in “American Miniaturist” Magazine.

You include in the email which one of the following categories you are entering (see categories below).

ONE entry per person, please. If you are unsure which category it fits, email and I’ll tell you, or we will confer and decide.

Entry photos will be uploaded by Administrators and you can view them ONLINE in the Groups IO Photos, in special category albums, after the deadline has closed. Then you vote in the polls that will be created at that time. Polls will be open for approximately 3 days.

Category 1:  Prize- Beautiful 1:12 scale Armoire donated by Kathi Mendenhall
Category 1 Description: Welcome to my Bou-Dior.  (Get it Boudoir)  The applicant in this category has the best depiction of the 50’s Glam (or other era) room box project having used the closet kit or combo kit from This category is for the people who made the closet and furnished it in a room box which includes any pre-made box or other container of their choosing.  You can accessorize it or change up the colors and personalize it your own way. 
Including a doll in the setting is optional- you can have Candy or another doll or a mannequin of your choosing, but it’s not required.

Category 2:  Prize- $50 Gift Certificate to donated by Debbie Jones.
Category 2 Description:     “Mustang Sally”  The applicant has the best depiction of a 50’s Glam theme, using your own setting & furnishings, and not limited to the use of our closet or combo kit. Doll or mannequin in setting is optional.  Stuff is a must, it is a closet or showroom, after all!!! 

Category 3: Prize- Ballet Shoe Mannequin sculpted by Kathi Mendenhall, and Jewelry Bust.
Category 3 Description:
   “Whatcha mean you are a size 2”  This category is for a smaller vignette with a dressed mannequin or doll of your choice in the 50’s glam theme. It should be a complete display on a block of wood, a bookend, or something similar- a smaller vignette.  It should include a dressed mannequin or doll and some accessories.

A secret prize selected by Kathi Mendenhall and donated by Mari Smith-Welch.  (It’s awesome!)
“AND THE WINNER IS…”  This one is NOT voted on in the polls.  I, Kathi Mendenhall, will choose one of the rooms or vignettes that fits my secret theme.   You have no idea what I am looking for so you cannot plan for it. 
The prize will be awarded an entry where you used at least one of our offerings, closet kit, accessories, tables, something but “did your own thing”. Any theme goes, not just 1950’s Glam. So fit your project into the above themes, and you may be a secret winner. 

And just to make thing wonderful, we have another prize called  “ I want to be consoled”  Might be a consolation prize but wonderful just the same.  All participants, who did not win their category will be put into a hat and pulled for this prize.   Jil made an additional Coco and Lynn Bennett donated. 

Thank you, and if you have any questions reread the email. OR email either Deb or me, and we do thank you so much for a fun and successful month.  We hope you have enjoyed it, too! 

Respectfully, Debbie and Kathi