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-Wood Carved Spoons
-Shrunken Heads
-cats (Rivet)

Teresa Zweiner


Kim Cunningham

I’ll be selling the roombox - 12” (34cm) high x 8” (23cm) wide x 6” (17cm) deep. It comes with the shelves on both sides, the arch in the back, and a removable acetate front (as close as possible to the picture). There will be extra shelves included that can be glued in to accommodate various sized bottles. The box will also have four feet on the bottom. The cost will be $50 for a kit with instructions, or $75 for the completed and stained box. Payment plans are accepted.

Still working on it, so pictures will be sent as soon as possible.
KimC - email

Mari Smith-Welch

Email Mari

Hanging Herbs
$45 plus shipping for the set.
($7.20 in US, varies internationally)

I (DANA) personally vouch for her incredibly detailed, painted, chalked, stained, cut beautiful flowers and leaves!

She made these to match the photo - from left to right! How cool!


Jennifer Schwabe

'Rodent Tutorial and Kits will be coming in August.'

Herbs, Witch's Hats, candlesticks, cauldrons, etc.
shop link is:

I have the Herb tutorial all set to go.   I'll do it on the i/o list for my moderating day.

Tammy Shoup

Steampunk Puppy. .... wheels for his back legs and and spring for tail. Photo coming soon


I will be making Rhonda (Steampunk witch) - as shown in the photo. The spoon is available from JIL above.

Kit cost is $65 plus $5 shipping US/$14 foreign. The cat, spoon can fit in doll box - but that is it for combined shipping <G>.

Email me to reserve yours. She is NOT finished <G> ... yet - just taking reservations.

Deb Laue

Deb Laue

20% off the entire month of July