Rhonda & Rivet Class/Instruction

Online classes being held at the www.minidollU.com
sponsored by DEB LAUE of Dragonfly International

Online Classes being held

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I will have the how-I-did-its for my Witch's Kitchen ready in August - although it is not steampunk.  This will include manipulating small skeletons  (the Elder Gutknecht figure from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride movie). I am not sure  how many are available for purchase at reasonable prices in quantity now, but the techniques will be adaptable for more readily available 12th scale skeletons.

I will also share pictures and how-I-did-its of a project,The Witch's Tree, which is full of cats and birds being trained by Tansy Toadflax, a licensed Familiar Master, who provides cats as familiars for witches.

Email: jayceenep@aol.com


RHONDA - our steampunk witch.
Classes will be held online
August 13th (Monday)
11am and 7pm CST (two classes)

Kits will be shipped by July 15th to allow enough time for arrival.
I am in the process of creating the sample (and will be gone Tues-Sat during the 4th holiday)

Jennifer Schwabe

Rodent Tutorial and Kits will be coming in August.

Herb tutorial all set to go.   I'll do it on the i/o list for my moderating day.

Jill Weisz


Shelly Hawley-Yan

Shelly will be doing this project in 1/24th scale. She will be doing tutorials on her moderating days ... July 7th, 14th and 21st.

Email: shellyhawleyyan@gmail.com