Good Morning ALL -- and HAPPY NEW YEAR.
with greetings  from The POSSE 

Our MSAT list has always been about dollmaking - forever and


In addition to the main list -- our list owner, Dana Burton 

set up the POSSE as a place where non-doll making discussions
could be held.  Dana discovered that from time to time  the list
members wanted to do SOMETHING -- a project --- or a prop for
our dolls that was outside the list rules.

So Dana set up the POSSE  so that our MSAT members would have

a place to discuss "Off the Topic" subjects. 

The POSSE has evolved over the years.  Some years the group had
an annual project.  Then other years we had sporadic monthly projects.
Yep -- one year Bobbi and I made flower kits !  

The POSSE group meets at 10:00 AM (Central) and 7:00 PM (Central)
every Thursday and Sunday, rain or shine.  There is absolutely
NO membership fee.  No need to get dressed up.  We are what we


All MSAT members are welcome to join us at any time. Come
and chat, ask questions, talk about those off-topic subjects
and be friends with all of us.

MSAT meets in the chat room/classroom.  You will need FLASH
installed on your computer for entry.  When asked for a name,
just enter your name (no aliases - please ) and be prepared
to chat. 

Moonyeen Moller