How to Moderate

THANK YOU to our Volunteers - that inspire dollmaking here on MDL

WHAT is a Moderator?

The MDL is run on the backs of great volunteers that strive to keep us motivated, encouraged and learning throughout the year.

One of the jobs is that of a daily MODERATOR.
BRAND NEW members - professionals are sincerely welcome to join in the fun and *giving back* on the list.

 HOW to Moderate

1. View the themes for the month.
Then email Shelly Hawley-Yan to sign up for one day during the month. Please remember that Wed, Sat and Sun are sale days, and allow for that during your day.

2. This is FUN! It isn't all eyes are on you - oh my goodness - scary prospect.
This is a way of opening up and sharing a bit about yourself, answering a question, showcasing your business, blog etc. Our members LOVE tutorials, contests (yes everyone likes a prize) and person touch.

3. Figure out a topic.
Each month is divided into weekly themes, take one idea and expand.

Here are some ideas!

-Do you travel to shows? Either as a buyer or seller? Why not give some tips on surviving <G> ... i.e. arrive early and while the dealers are setting up you can sometimes sneak a sale etc hahaha

-If you show your work, what are some of your trips to table set up etc etc

-Do you sell on ebay or etsy or facebook? What are some tips?

-Do you like to take photos of your dolls? What are some tips, camera, etc?

-Do you pour your own dolls? What are some tips on porcelain pouring?

-Do you make your own patterns? How do you find the inspiration? Take the photos, write the tutorials, find the materials, what laces do you like, who are your suppliers?

-Do you know great ways to organize your items? photos online? magazine clippings? seperate your miniature accessories?

-Do you create minidoll accessories that would be useful to others? Lighting for the room boxes? Paintings for all the wall? Needlework for her to hold or pillows to lay on? Furniture for her to sit on? Flowers for her to hold? Fimo baked items? Croched Teddies? If so - where do you find great supplies for them? Do you sell them? What are the costs?

The list - once you start thinking is endless!

IF you are a NEWBIE ... what a great opportunity to learn. Simply ask a question!
I'm new - and don't know where to start? How do you assemble a doll? How do you make shoes? Where are tutorials? How do I see movies on YOUTUBE to start me off?

If you are in the midst of making a doll - but stuck - ask a question? I need to know how to make a parasol - any tips or links to share? I need to figure out how to make an 1890's blouse. How do I get it to gather so tightly at the waist but still baloon out? What is the difference between a 1890's outfit and 1900 outfit?

Sincerely ... there are so many questions that can be answered a million different ways. Nothing is old - and since our membership keeps growing - the new people can use the tips (and us older ones - get a memory jog).


To moderate, simply think of an idea or subject.

Write an email about it sometime during the day. You can continue to have the list open for question/answer period, contest, tutorial etc.

OR you can simply say this is a tip, trick that I learned and wanted to share and end your day. This is great for those of you that are at jobs. Write your email ahead of time, post on your day - and you succeeded in inspring our group for another day!

THANK AGAIN for your help!