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Email Group updates

Greetings! This is a brand new section to the minidollLIST which includes important information regarding the group (or if there are issues with emails showing up etc).

Read here please - before sending a *TEST* email to the group or to read the rules for posting sale items etc ....

2/20 - Moving Group email

Many of you have realized – how awful our Yahoo group (the company) is treating our emails. However … we have listened to YOU --- our wonderful members and will be changing April first to the new IO group to make life easier for everyone.

How this will work:
1. Kathi and Debbie are working TIRELESSLY behind the scenes to make this as painless as possible.
2. Your email address will be transferred over to the new group – so you won’t have to.
3. KATHI and DEBBIE (as time gets closer to the April lst change) will be sending SPECIFIC/EASY directions if you need to do anything.
4. For now – there is NOTHING you need to do. But early in April – this yahoo group will be DELETED – and transferred to the easier IO group.

1. READ thru Kathi’s directions put here on the list. 
2. To encourage you --- she will be putting ONE PRIZE in several of the emails. First one to notice – and emails her – gets the prize. SO READ THRU her emails!!

THAT is it for now – nothing for you to do for the next 10 weeks but be happy creating dolls!