2018 Online Convention



We are excited to announce, our lst annual ONLINE CONVENTION,
Feb 3rd and 4th sponsored by the MDL.

Classes held Saturday and Sunday CST zone

-Nathalie's Class at 9am CST Saturday & Sunday
-Tish's Class at 10am Saturday
-DANA's Class at 12:00pm CST Saturday
-JIL 1pm CST Saturday
-Helena's class at 11am CST on Sunday


Online Show held Saturday Feb 3rd

SHELLY NORRIS will help you with questions!
Shop from home, and find your next TREASURE in miniature.

TABLES available ($10 cost)


The posse is taking a sales table at the convention.  We are asking for members to donate items we can list on the sales page. The member will ship the donated item to the buyer after the convention ends. Postage will be listed as included in sales price and will be paid by the donor.  International postage will be charged in addition to the sales price for some items and reimbursed to the donor.

The funds raised will go toward future Parachat fees to operate our class/chat room.
By donating and shopping on this page you are helping to support list operations.
These items can be one of a kind items, excess supplies, grab bags, kits, dolls, doll kits, or any dollhouse related items of your choice.   Send photos for the sales page and a description of items to deb@dragonflyintl.com.  The description of your item should  include size and suggested price.

The Posse wants to invite you to join us this year.  It is free to join in and we meet 4 times a week, so hopefully a day and time that fits most folks schedules.  In addition to chatting and getting to know one another active members enjoy small kit classes and gift swaps, but mostly hugs and friendship from like minded ladies. ( We don't have any Men in the group but we wouldn't be against it if any gentlemen want to join our Posse Hen Chat)

Gallery of our MEMBER'S CREATIONS.

View details to adding your photo, starting Feb 5th, 2018.

Photo Competition held in May


FULL PAGE Color AD in the
FEBRUARY AMERICAN MINIATURIST magazine (comes out mid-January)