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Welcome to our minidoll World!

(MDL) was established in 1999 with the goal of inspiring your dollmaking muse ... using free tutorials, prizes, contests and a wonderful group of volunteers dedicated to making your online experience safe. OUR Star quality is helping BRAND NEW MEMBERS create!

We also offer help at little or no cost with our RAK program (Random Acts of Kindness).

1. JOIN (for more information or to sign up) on our lively IO group forum and share or learn daily miniature doll creating techniques.

2. You can also view us on FACEBOOK, or take online classes.



MARCH Moderators

7 Shelly HY
8 Sales Day
9 Jennifer Schwabe
11 Bonnie Banks
12 Sales Day
13 Dana
15 Sales Day
16 Deb Laue
17 Tammy Shoup 
18 Gloria Hermans
19 Sales Day
20 Dana
21 Marg Lawrence
22 Sales Day
23 Ann-Cary McLain
24 Shelly HY
26  Lyla Nicneven (Sales Day)
27 Dana§
28 Pearl
29 Sales Day

Upcoming ...

-Feb/Mar - Masquerade party featuring that *Lady of Interest*

-coming in spring 2023... -1905-08 Debutant coming out
Creating a Society Newspaper (webpage) to showcase everyone's work (no contest)

Sleigh Queen Project

View our Member Gallery - January lst

Winners of the Lady Elaine Contest

Category #1 (Beginner/Intermediate) - Carrie L/Entry #1
Category #2 (Lady Elaine dana kit) - Fernanda/Entry #2
Category #3 (OPEN - ANY) - Annie R/Entry #1
Category #A (Historically Accurate) - Fernanda/Entry #2
Category #B (Multi Generational Accessories - Conny W/Entry #4
Category #C (Best Armoire) - Lynn B/Entry #2

WINNER of the JULIETTE on Balcony


Fernanda R - Winner

Roombox #4 and Doll #8
Due to the amount of entries, all photos were put into either ROOMBOX or DOLL category.

Link to view beautiful entries.
Such wonderful art from all who entered!




*NEW* BD Listing

Starting in 2022, Kim C will be celebrating member's BD (in a once a month listing) as well as randomly selecting one lucky person (per month) for a great list prize.

No cost - simply email KIM (see email address on staff - upper left) with your name/email address and BD (does not have to include year).

Witch Contest WINNERS

WOW! We had 180 voters this time - not sure if it was the Facebook (open call for votes) or what! Category #D (Best Roombox/Scene) had 46 for Carrie and 47 for Fernanda. This contest was THAT close! Congrats to everyone!

RANDOM PRIZE winners from Entries
-Kathy K, Jane L, Jackie W, Shirley L and Michelle G
Thank you to those that donated prizes!!

#1 - Beginner - SUSIE M Entry #4
#2 - Intermediate
- HOLLY H Entry #1

A) Old but still Magical! - FERNANDA - Entry #2
B) Witch shussing kit by DANA - Jean P - Entry #1
C) Sexy Witch - Carrie L - Entry #1
D) Best roombox/scene - FERNANDA (by ONE VOTE WINS) - Entry #2
E) Best accessories or familiar
- ROBERT A - Entry #6

KIM McCool (our list Ribbon Faery/sponsor) has again ordered a special lst place MDL ribbon for each category!!!! THANK YOU KIM!

Unified Dollmaking Supply List (UDSL)

Greetings! This week we are putting our considerable member resources together, to compile a Unified Dollmaking Supply List, to help find those necessary tools for making miniature dolls. A temporary webpage has been set up to compile the information.
Click here to view vendor (sampling)

Click here to view UDSL 5 category/listing



JEWELRY Contest Winners

Last Contest of 2020 ...

Witches HAT Contest

WINNERS! See all the Entries ...

Steampunk #5 - Nathalie G (France)
Unique #28 - Robert A
Scary #4 - Nathalie G
Kitty Cat #6 - Jennifer S
Wickedly Witchy #13 - Heather W
Stars #8 - Heather W

Tassie Contest Winner

See all the entries ... here


Our little project is officially closed, with a few more characters sending in their photos.. We will revisit this project next year and continue the fun.

-Keeper of Knowledge (Gossipe & Scripe) Newsletter

- CHARACTERS (member gallery) - sample

-Tithes (Art donated by Members for RAK 2021)


-Open Medieval Gallery

-Maiden's of the Moat Gallery

-Forest Dwellers Gallery

-Coat of Arms (Info & Gallery) Compiled by Diane Y

-Beastie Dictionary

FREE Medieval PDF tutorials

All tutorials written or shared by the authors for MDL (found in our archives since 1999)
All contest, class or sale info is defunct, but the information is perfect for our current list project.

-Damsel Hat -Flower Wreath -Hints
-Aging Parchment -Goblets from Jewelry -Wizard Wand
-Broom Tutorial -Skirt tutorial -Medieval Shield
-Medieval Tapestry -Hemming the underskirt -Medieval Shoes
-Casting Resin -Hennin Pattern

-Mini Knitting

-Mold Tutorial -Chunky Candles & #2 -Paint Netting
-Spell Book -Wizard Books -Pre Raphaelite Cloak/Cornet
-Men in PreRaphaelite -Lord Warrick -Chest Armour
-Bryony Dressing -Bryony Wigging -Enchantress hints
-Flagstone Floor -Dragon Head sculpt -Middle Ages Health

June Contest Winners - Lizza Project


Steampunk Contest Winners

Elyse's Memory Trunk Winners

Such a wonderful turnout of beautiful entries! Below are the winners of each category as voted by fellow members.

Jan lst - TEACUP CONTEST winners



Winners ...

Fantasy - Charlotte I (#3)

INDIE V kits - Jane L (#5)

Holiday - Carrie L (#1)

Other - Tammy S







2019 Contest Winners ...



(JANUARY 2019 GROUP PROJECT - 50's Glamour Room by Kathi M & Deb J)


Category 2 -
Deborah N







Judges Choice
Susie M





Category 1
Nell P









WINNER Lynn Bennett won ALL FOUR categories according to the polls.  WOW!!!!!!
Lynn has been shipped first place blue ribbon -Congrats and JOB well done!

The RANDOM Grand prize drawing from all entries ($50 gift certificate from DANA) was awarded to MARLENE V!

See Entries
#1 - Room Box
#2 - Doll (Rhonda)
#3 - Cat (Rivet)
#4 - Prop

Purse Contest WINNER

To view the Entries

Jewelry Contest Winners


GRAND PRIZE DRAWING winner is Susan Clark!!!
She won a $50 gift certificate from DANA.

Witch #1 - Susan C

Victorian #4 - Sandrine D

Contemporary #4
Adriana S

Beginner - Jane L

Misc - #2 Susan C



view the


Room Box Contest WINNERS

A warm applause goes out to the winner of the FAV roombox contest ...

View all the beautiful entries...

FACEBOOK is the link to our presence on Facebook. If you don't have time to read all the emails in the group - but would like to keep up on the happenings ... simply check out the FACEBOOK page ran by our own Marianne Asselman!

WINNERS - January 2018

DOLLY, Teddybear & Rag Doll Categories - 2" and under

Page 1 - the DOLL entries - Deb Dixon-Paver
Page 2 - the TEDDY entries - Diane F
Page 3 - the Rag Doll entries - Deb Dixon-Paver

RANDOM $25 Gift Certificate Drawing Winner - Cheryl S

December Contest Winners

view entries ....


We do hate rules, but find they are necessary for a smooth running of a social network. We cannot fine you, but we can ask that you abide by the simple Rules set out below. We want this list to be FUN and encouraging. By abiding by the rules, you ensure that MiniDollList IS a fun, safe, and sharing place.

Rule #1 - Basic computer courtesy
A. Do not FLAME or SHOUT (use all capital letters) or attack anyone on the list in public. If you have a problem with rules or something said, email Kathi at
B. Are you posting a note OFF TOPIC; place OT in subject line
C. Complete the subject line. Often empty subject lines suggest SPAM and we do not want that.
D. When at all possible - respond in private for chit chat/non-doll subjects. Better yet, join the Posse group in the chat room on Thursdays and Sundays.

Rule #2 – Signature lines
A. Signature lines may not exceed three (3) lines. Name, web, or saying, no pictures.
B. Signature lines should all be in the same font and all the same size.
C. Dana Burton owns this site and her signature is just three lines.

Rule #3 - Posting Sales and making requests
Please remember selling is a privilege and not a right.
A. Sales on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday
Post personal items on these days only along with auctions if you have them. Being on Digest does not change these rules. Please attempt to sell only as designated. You may ask people to visit your Blog, website or to visit an auction site. You may list dolls for sale, doll supplies, tutorials, miniatures, on-line class, classes, and Shows or Miniature Meetings in your area.
B. Auto mailing
We discourage automatic, automated, or robotic sales. Please take the time to feature and item and post it.
Post MiniDollU classes at any time, but not more than once a day. Please see to keep abreast of announcements.
C. Request for items
If you are searching for an item, please ask for a link or information to the list on any day. However, complete transactions privately and not on the forum.
D. Moderators may sell on their moderating day.