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Greetings! And welcome to our minidoll world.

We provide a nuturing atmosphere for members to create beautiful 1:12 scale dolls - at little or no cost, anywhere in the world.



For those early birds ... our THEME for August is WIZARDS and MAGIC! Sign up now to moderate and get a chance to win that COMPLETE 3 doll online - Harlot class series from DANA - coming Fall 2017

#1 - Earthy (Nature)
#2 - Astrological
#3 - Alchemist

The contest will be for a WIZARDS TABLE - with 3 categories. Dawn Chatten has donated the grand prize - and our list BLUE RIBBON will be awarded in each category. Contest entries must be received by last day in August!

2018 Online Convention - GYPSY THEME

(Convention site is under construction - but here is a listing of classes that you can register for at any time - to get a jump on the public annoucement).

Shelly Norris is hosting our *virtual sales tables* for those wanting to sell during this time on her show site!!


Once the teacher has all information/photos - their website page will be listed below - instead of class details. So far the only one finished is Nathalie - so click her name to take you to the website/details of her class.

NATHALIE Gireaud - (France) Classes ....

GYPSY WAGON/HORSE and harness ....(Class/Kit - limit 6) by JIL
Email: - or text 920 400 9598
Wagon/harness photo coming soon ...

Beautiful gypsy wagon in 1/12 scale. Wagon is 12" long, 6" wide, and 8" tall roughly. Wagon is a traditional "roulette", which will feature a crescent moon theme, front porch, Ooak  fancy wheels, front door, 2 windows, a "moon" shape back window, traditional Ric rack and steps.
Wagon will be empty inside so you can custom make your own interior. Wagon roof top will come off for easy access to inside.

 "Romeo" the black Gypsy Varner horse is specialty made with long tail, mane and sculpted hair on feet. An appropriate harness kit will be added, this can be glued on or taken off.

Cost: (3 options)
1. Unassembled Wagon kit/finished painted gypsy horse (painted by Jil ) and horse harness kit cost is $250

2. Unassembled Gypsy wagon kit / tutorial is available for $175.

3. Gypsy horse alone available for $100.


This doll kit is $65 plus $5 shipping. Photo coming soon - kits are almost sold out.
Paypal to register.


Eva Steinbach - Workshop- Half Scale Dressed Mannequin
Cost - $32 each.
Cost of workshop includes porcelain 1/2scale mannequin, silk ribbon, pre rippled silk ribbon, tiny no hole beads and instructions. Students will need to provide glue (Aleene's Tacky Glue is recommended), as well as tweezers.

Patricia Tierney - Workshop - Gypsy Fortune Teller (Second Sight)
Cost - $100 - Time - 6-8 hours
Cost of Workshop includes pattern and fabric for her outfit, fibers for hair, and lots of extras to make into necklace/earrings/bracelets/rings, etc. She will be sitting so students can pose her at a table with tarot cards or a crystal ball. Even though she is older she will have Gypsy "bling".

Teresa Zwiener - Workshop - Gypsy Camping Accessories
Cost - $75 - Time - 4 hours
Class will consist of making a campfire complete with cooking pot hanging over the fire. Teresa will step you through making a bohemian foot
stool, a gypsy clothesline to hang some skirts, scarves and more. Because all gypsies need music, you'll also make a tambourine, plus several  
other accessories for the gypsy wagon.

Teresa Zwiener - Workshop - Peddler Cart
Cost - $95 - Time 5 hours
Imagine creating a peddler cart fit for a gypsy! You will be painting and filling the cart with materials, pots, pans, sewing supplies,
pillows and much more!


DANA moderating JULY


Greetings! During the month of July, I will be your moderator. (After the July 4th holiday weekend - starting July 5th), each day will have secrets, hints and how to's from my daily doll creating, tutorials, prizes and games.

(Monday thru Friday) - Month of tips schedule
Week #1 - Professional week.
Week #2 - Advanced week (7/10 starts)
Week #3 - Intermediate week
Week #4 - Beginner Week

-Decadent Tea Party closeout questions .... July 24th at 11am in classroom
-Ballerina (Blk/White Series - #1 class) ... July 31st at 11am in classroom

Our Ribbons came ....

These will be awarded as first place prizes to the winners in our 2017 contests here on the list.

These ribbons were purchased from our Treasury Funds, made possible by our wonderful MDL members.














STEP CONTEST - March 9th

PHOTOS ..... Congrats to all the winners!

FACEBOOK is the link to our presence on Facebook. If you don't have time to read all the emails in the group - but would like to keep up on the happenings ... simply check out the FACEBOOK page ran by our own Marianne Asselman! is the link to our CONVENTION page on Facebook! Shelly Hawley-Yan has taken over this task ... to broadcast any new updates about our wonderful upcoming 2018 convention on this social media platform!

2018 WINTER Convention


Create like its 2018?

Well ladies and gents ... We are having an online convention Feb 2018!

Kim McCool is our teacher chairperson .... DANA will be the official cheerleader, and Shelly Hawley-Yan is our Facebook page author. Jane Layden is our photo collector for convention slide how!

More information will be posted mid-summer 2017.



The POSSE is a MSAT Mini Doll spin-off
group that was established about five
years ago.  The group has affectionately
named itself as "The Posse Hens".

The group chats are every Thursday and
Sunday at 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM (Central
Time.  Members attend as they can.

Besides the chats, the group participates in
projects, exchanges, and lots of support for
members that are facing challenges.

And -- it's FREE !

Hope to see you soon.


A brand new fun day has been added to the list. Now - thru the end of January - each Friday is SWAP day. You are welcome to list your swaps (up to 5) each day. A great way to clean out those unfinished project boxes and get NEW stash <G>.

1.  You are responsible for the swaps, quality, description, pictures, mailing on time and all that stuff.
2.  No complaining.  It’s your swap, Dana, Debbie, nor I will entertain being in the middle or taking complaints. 

Victorian Tea Cookies (US & Foreign members)

(Thank you to MOONYEEN for compiling this!)
Recipe PDF


View our member Children Gallery

Birthday Leader for 2017

YOUR special day is appreciated on the list! We hold a monthly drawing for our *BD* girls each and every month! November's Winner of $20 gift certificate was Vynette from S.Africa.

To take part - simply email your BD date to our BIRTHDAY LEADER - LIanda (above left).

WITCH Beauty Contest - winners

Character/ Zulta / Pretty ... witches galore!




Merry Christmas to all my wonderful members. Here is a FREE tutorial download made just for all of my friends at Christmas!
Enjoy ... DANA

Tutorial Download PDF

Tutorial Pattern PDF


Las Vegas 2014 Convention

Las Vegas


What a great time we had in January 2014!!!! Thank you to Deb Laue for all the work you did to put this together!





-Join in the discussions on the lively forums and share miniature doll techniques with over 1400 members. Upload Artwork on our dollpix group..
-QUICK GUIDE to working the website
-LEARN (150 Gratis Tutorials)


We do hate rules, but find they are necessary for a smooth running of a social network. We cannot fine you, but we can ask that you abide by the simple Rules set out below. We want this list to be FUN and encouraging. By abiding by the rules, you ensure that MiniDollList IS a fun, safe, and sharing place.

Rule #1 - Basic computer courtesy
A. Do not FLAME or SHOUT (use all capital letters) or attack anyone on the list in public. If you have a problem with rules or something said, email Kathi at
B. Are you posting a note OFF TOPIC; place OT in subject line
C. Complete the subject line. Often empty subject lines suggest SPAM and we do not want that.
D. When at all possible - respond in private for chit chat/non-doll subjects. Better yet, join the Posse group in the chat room on Thursdays and Sundays.

Rule #2 – Signature lines
A. Signature lines may not exceed three (3) lines. Name, web, or saying, no pictures.
B. Signature lines should all be in the same font and all the same size.
C. Dana Burton owns this site and her signature is just three lines.

Rule #3 - Posting Sales and making requests
Please remember selling is a privilege and not a right.
A. Sales on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday
Post personal items on these days only along with auctions if you have them. Being on Digest does not change these rules. Please attempt to sell only as designated. You may ask people to visit your Blog, website or to visit an auction site. You may list dolls for sale, doll supplies, tutorials, miniatures, on-line class, classes, and Shows or Miniature Meetings in your area.
B. Auto mailing
We discourage automatic, automated, or robotic sales. Please take the time to feature and item and post it.
Post MiniDollU classes at any time, but not more than once a day. Please see to keep abreast of announcements.
C. Request for items
If you are searching for an item, please ask for a link or information to the list on any day. However, complete transactions privately and not on the forum.
D. Moderators may sell on their moderating day.


See previous exhibits from our list 2008 and 2009 ... Thank you to Tammy for coordinating this!!! - Tammy Shoup.